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Tested to destruction

Now I'm not thinking about a yet to be rated movie, or a song by Onslaught, but a technical system.

@loadstorm tweeted a question about the different kinds of testing to me.

I've had to deal with (i.e. clean up) the creations of application programmers, or novice games programmers playing with the internet (never again!!) and trying to build a system.

I've found there are very different ways of approach technical creation, a different understanding of what is acceptable, and a few fairs of being confident you've tested it. I could wax lyrical about quality, though Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values (P.S.), does that nicely.

A little while ago I was load testing a system I've build to observe it's behaviour, over time and to the point of non response (0 performance and over all system fail) i.e. destruction. The non use state is nice and easy to measure, do nothing and see what the spare system resources & capacities are, then …