About Me


I was lucky enough to be born curious, everything else is just finding topics to learn about.

My first piece of software was completed at the age of 9, the rest is history.

I think I'm just going to keep collecting MSc for a laugh.

I try to focus on listening, communication and learning for myself and others. I trained as a counsellor to try and get better at that. Though I've also; been a chef, a masseur, trained as sommelier, archery coach and motorcycle instructor. When I venture out into the world (preferring quite time over everything) I enjoy SCUBA, golf, reading, and random school courses.

Work wise, I'm currently focused on https://www.askottentertainment.com

The "work stuff"

Before Askott I was the Technical Director of www.metrolyrics.com and an independent contractor & consultant. The previous six was years with Jelsoft.  While there he worked on the design and development of their flagship product vBulletin, (up to version 3.8, under the alias of Jerry).

Prior to vBulletin, I worked for several years as a senior engineer for Cable and Wireless, the 3rd biggest supplier of IP services to FTSE350 (laaa de da, indeed). I was part of the architecture and development team who, were the global design authority for C&W's 'Internet applications platform'.

I was a good insight working with clients such as the British government and with one of the biggest IP providers in the world. I learned a lot about developing systems architectures on a global scale. While being mindful of the social systems that they interact with.

I also worked on large scale systems for Lockheed Martin UKGS which gave him experience working on secure government systems, as well as on open public systems.

And of course, and predominately open source where ever possible.

During the dot com boom I worked with ID Media as a part of the engineering department, and was responsible for delivering internal seminars on communication and the understanding of technology.

I've also worked social services with people with disabilities, as well as those at risk for self-harm in a number of care in the community establishments as well as residential care.


Over the years of dealing with technology, systems, organisations, people and typically all at the same time I've amassed a few thoughts, which I've decided to put together here to share with people.

Maybe you've experienced the same, and can add some humour, or gain another perspective, and share with us all in comments.

Either way, be safe and take care of yourselves.


If you want to know more , or get in contact for some challenges your having with software or teams systems, or pose a question here are the usual links :

Profiles links and interviews  : www.metalcat.net


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